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15: last kiss

     Khan knew that someday, James Kirk would breathe his last breath. He knew, somehow, someway, that the Enterprise captain would not go gentle into the good night; James Kirk would die a grisly death. He would sacrifice everything he had for the people he loved most. It would not be a peaceful one. It would be blood-splattering, bone-breaking, and heart-smashing. He knew that someday, the remnants of the world he had tried to rebuild around Jim would fall apart and Khan would be left with nothing but the pieces.

     Stupidly, however, he had allowed himself the hope that maybe it never would happen. Maybe, as always, the captain would be able to cheat death — he always did, didn’t he? James Kirk had done it before. What would make this time any d i f f e r e n t ?

     Khan was trying to cheat himself. The augment knew that James Kirk would be destroyed by the very thing he loved most — more than even his augmented companion:

                                                                          His crew.

     Khan h a t e d him for it. He l o v e dhim for it. The man had a heart and the augment knew exactly what drove him. He understood it perfectly; when he crouched over the broken, dying body of the man he had come to appreciate, to love, even, he could only watch in mute sorrow as the light began to flicker from those oceanic eyes. On his knees, Khan bent forth, one hand reaching to cup the blood-stained cheek of a man whose breathing slowly deteriorated into nothing. Lips whispered against a dying ear.

     “Please,” he begged hoarsely, fighting to form words that he hoped the dying man could still understand. Or is he too far gone? “Don’t leave me, don’t do this to me, stay, please." What’s the use, though? He’s dying and there’s nothing Khan can do to save him. “You cannot break me, not like this.”

     Grief-driven; he didn’t want to lose the only thing that had come into his life — he didn’t want to let go; his lips crushed against those of the dying captain, as if he could try and bring him back with a life-giving kiss. Come back, stay with me.


     He stayed with Jim even after all signs of life had long since fled from his body.

I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.

[ I’ll support you in whatever you do, friend. <3 ]

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